Dr. Lacy practices the Gonstead technique, a gentle, effective technique that is specific, accurate, and precise in evaluating and adjusting the spine. "Gonstead chiropractors approach the spine biomechanically, which means that they relate the structure of the spine to how they will adjust it. Gonstead doctors take great care in making sure you are in a mechanically correct position for adjustment. ... Your Gonstead practitioner uses the following methods to evaluate your spine: case history, X-ray examination, and palpation. By using these thorough methods of assessment, giving careful consideration to positioning, and relying on his or her expert training, your chiropractor can give you a proper adjustment, assuring you of biomechanically sound correction of your vertebral subluxations." (from The Gonstead Difference 1993, Perceptions Empowering Chiropractic Communication)


Exam, X-Ray, and Adjustments

Dr. Lacy has been in practice for over 35 years in California. Each patient is examined and adjusted in private treatment rooms. X-ray facilities are on site.